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Isti Marta Sukma is an Indonesian writer and interdisciplinary researcher specializing in politics, defense, and technology, with a focus on cyber and technological warfare in the Indo-Pacific region.

Published peer-reviewed article on the theory I'm developing

My research interests

My research covers essential topics like national interests, global power theories, counter-terrorism, civil-military integration, the role of technology in politics (cybersecurity, AI, quantum, surveillance systems), maritime security and political ideology.

My main geopolitical scopes are the Indo-Pacific and Central/Eastern Europe (CEE). At present, I am an independent researcher waiting to start my PhD program in Political Science later this year.

Published work

Book Chapter, published in Indonesia.

This book reviews various sectors and dynamics of IR in the Indo-Pacific region, such as military, diplomatic, geopolitical and geostrategic, maritime, diplomacy and other issues. Apart from that, Indonesia's perspective, foreign policy and the importance of the Indo-Pacific for Indonesia are also discussed.

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Journal Article

Asia Pacific Studies

The purpose of this research is to examine the maritime defense strategy response of Australia regarding China's military modernization in Indo-Pacific region. This research provides further explanation regarding Australia's standpoint in Indo-Pacific region, China's military modernization and the sphere of influence in Indo-Pacific, and most importantly-the analysis of Australia's implementation of the maritime defense strategy in responding China's military modernization in the region


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