About Me

With a background in political science, I have extensively explored various political theories throughout my education and research journey. My passion for geopolitics is evident through my published articles and national-published book chapter in examining the dynamics of Indo-Pacific, China's military modernization and Central-Eastern Europe geopolitics. 

My exploration extends to philosophy, religious theology, and psychoanalysis, as demonstrated by the articles I have published on Medium and other writing platforms. I am the editor and writer for Political Science and Others and Cyberpolitics and Warfare in Medium.

I have a strong passion for exploring the complex technical structures and strategic approaches related to advancements in the military, defense technology, cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, and automation. These areas serve as vital components of my research, as they hold immense significance in shaping contemporary security landscapes.

Additionally, I have achieved national recognition and received awards as Debater in Indonesia.

My academic journey began with a Bachelor's degree in International Relations, and I continued my research in the field of Defense and Security Studies. I completed my MA in Religions in Asia – Africa at the University of Warsaw in 2023, where my focus lies in examining China's cyberpolitics and deradicalization.

I align myself with political realism and I am currently working on my own interdisciplinary theory that aims to address social science and humanities-related matters.

My current research interests, writings, and projects encompass a multidisciplinary approach, focusing on national interests, cyberpolitics, terrorism, emerging technologies, public policy, political theories, institutionalism, espionage, deradicalization, political theology, religions, and the analysis of terrorism and political ideologies.

Apart from my research pursuits, I am also currently serving as the Content Coordinator at Publicis Grupe (CEE).