Conferences and Fellowship

July 2024

I will be the presenting Author of 'Digital Democracy in Flux: Navigating Political Dynamics in the Indo-Pacific' at the World International Studies Committee (WISC) 2024, 24 July 2024 in Warsaw, Poland.

July 2024

I will be presenting on the Cyber Diplomacy subtheme, regarding China’s DSR and Digital Diplomacy in the Indo-Pacific region at SSIGIL, a collaboration with the Global Internet Governance Academic Network hosted by the University of Lodz at the Faculty of Law and Administration.

June 2024

I will be the presenting Author at the Lodz East Asia Meeting (LEAM) 2024 Conference, discussing 'The Roles of Non-State Actors Driving Political Dynamics in the Indo-Pacific Region’, 13-14 June 2024 in Lodz, Poland.